The Pain Perspective:

Thrive Through & Beyond Injury and Chronic Pain

This is the program I wish I would have had after I had my brain and spinal injuries.

A cut-to-the-chase, practical and effective companion to navigating life altering injuries and consistent pain with the honesty and space holding required for real change. 

A clear and established system for managing my pain without pharmaceuticals, allowing me to regain enough energy and control to show up and succeed in my life despite the flare ups and dark days.

A stable framework to help me create a Healing Recipe that truly supports my unique situation and needs, allowing me to focus my energy, money, and time where it counts.

All packaged in an empowering, easy to follow, step by step process that was designed to help me cut the confusion and heartache, save precious time, and decrease my discomfort, all while opening up more space and energy for healing.

And if it could be accompanied by live coaching with an experienced healer and teacher

who has been there AND

moved beyond it?!?!

This is the program that I wish I would have had...

But, it wasn't around when I needed it.

Because it took my healing journey to create it. 

My experience and process helped to widen my perspective of the multifaceted experience that is healing. And as time went on, I refined and refined my approach and my teaching abilities until this program was created. It is my best work yet.


Now, it is available to help YOU!

The tools and information outlined in this program are the best of what I utilized to shift from a life of debilitating pain and agony to a life free from pain and full of hope. 

Not only do these techniques work, but they will be presented to you in an engaging and accessible manner, refined by my 15 years of experience in curriculum creation and teaching. 

This program is supported by my personal success of healing from a traumatic brain injury, 

severe hyper extension of my entire spine, and severe PTSD 

PLUS the successes of thousands of my students over the years. 

But the BEST news? By joining, you get to skip right to the juicy parts, possibly saving yourself years of dead ends, pain, and despair.

The Pain Perspective:

Thrive Through & Beyond Injury and Chronic Pain 

This on-line coaching course helps adults living with chronic pain and life altering injuries learn how to effectively manage their pain and stress so they can live an empowered life full of hope, energy, and focus, with less stress and more joy.

This course was designed with the aim of saving you time, money, energy, and frustration on your own healing journey in order for you to put your focus where it is most needed – on your health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

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