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Free from Chronic Pain:

Fast Track Your Healing to Thrive Through & Beyond Chronic Pain and Injury

Mondays and Wednesdays 8p-9p EST/5p-6p PST

November 11 - December 4, 2019

Small Group Coaching Via Virtual Calls 

This 4 week on-line course helps adults living with chronic pain and life altering injuries learn how to effectively manage, and even heal, their pain so they can live an empowered life full of hope, energy, and focus, with less stress and more joy.

Mondays will include lecture and guided practices.

Wednesdays will include guided practices, review, and personal coaching Q & A time (with option of pre-submitting questions for more anomynimity).

Week 1 : Understanding Chronic Pain and the Nervous and Fascia Systems

Week 2: Mindset Hacks, Meditation, and Visualization

Week 3: Food IS Medicine

Week 4: Cutting Through Confusion

You Will Learn: 





  • How to better manage and decrease the physicality of chronic pain 

  • How to shift and empower mindset for healing, navigate grief, and re-envision your wellness

  • How to eat healthier and hydrate more with feelings of joy not lack

  • How to advocate for yourself and navigate various healing modalities, saving money and time while gaining the ability to develop your personal “healing recipe"

                                                                                      You Will Gain:

  • A new attitude towards healing shifting from Discipline to Devotion

  • A path towards steady meditation/breath/visualization practices for self soothing and greater self awareness

  • Healthier habits and shifts in self care practices for more clarity, focus, and energy 

  • Celebration of what your body CAN do

  • Support of an experienced coach who is also a chronic pain success story

Course includes:

 - 8 Live Coaching Sessions that are recorded and sent to you for replay and review

- 3 Guided Audio Meditations for Home Practice

- 3 Guided Breath Work Videos for Home Practice

- 12 Simple Recipes for Low Inflammation Response with High Flavor to get you started 


The tools and information outlined in this program are what I have utilized to go from a life of debilitating pain and agony to a life free from pain and full of hope. 

This program is backed by my personal success of healing from a traumatic brain injury, severe hyper extension of my entire spine, and severe PTSD

AND the successes of thousands of my students over this last decade. 

Not only do these techniques work, but they will be presented to you in an engaging and accessible manner, backed by my 15 years of experience of curriculum creation and teaching. 

Avoid the confusion that pain can create and the wasted time and money seeking the wrong treatment modalities. I want to help you get on the fast track to healing! Enroll Now! 


To Enroll - Email me at shelbylafrinere@gmail.com  

or Schedule a Free 20 Min Discovery Call to ensure we are a great match!